Improve Overall Health and Fertility

At ilumina one of our main areas of specialization is fertility acupuncture for clients in Phoenix and Scottsdale who face infertility issues. Certain conditions including PCOS, endometriosis, poor ovarian reserve and advance maternal age, irregular menstrual cycles can impact fertility, among others. Many women and couples have problems that make conceiving naturally difficult. While traditional Western medicine is sometimes effective, it is often the case that combining acupuncture, Chinese medicine, massage, vitamins and supplements, nutritional changes, stress relief and other holistic therapies with traditional medicine is a far more effective approach to success. If you have been curious about IVF acupuncture and holistic therapies or a natural approach to success with intrauterine insemination, our practitioners are experts in this field.

 Our Acupuncture Specialists are Ready to Help You

IUI acupuncture and IVF acupuncture have been proven to increase success rates for those who undergo in vitro fertilization or IUI procedures, often repeatedly and with disappointing results. When your dream is to have a baby, failure with these procedures is disappointing and even heart-breaking. The expense can be prohibitive over time as well, and you want to make the most of these treatments. Fertility acupuncture essentially helps balance hormones and ovarian function while improving blood flow to the uterus and creating an environment that is more receptive to implantation. It also works to relax you and alleviate stress, another factor in fertility. We invite those in Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding areas to learn more about acupuncture and how it can improve fertility while making IVF or IUI procedures more successful by contacting ilumina or scheduling a consultation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

ilumina houses a complete Chinese herb pharmacy with over 350 individual herbs. When indicated, herbal formulas are prepared onsite and precisely tailored to each individual’s healing process so that you can go home with the herbs you need right then and there.

The time-tested modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine is now supported by modern research, scientifically proving its success in enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal. ilumina’s practitioners are nationally board-certified and state-licensed practitioners of Oriental Medicine. They are all highly trained in acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, and the use of Chinese medical herbs. More importantly, they believe in compassionate medical care that addresses not just the physical but the emotional and spiritual aspects of each patient’s wellbeing.

Your first visit includes a comprehensive evaluation and formation of a comprehensive treatment plan. Subsequent visits may include acupuncture, herbal therapy, electro stimulation, heat therapy/moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, abdominal massage, or other complementary therapies.  Our treatments are highly individualized and comprehensive, addressing multiple health concerns.  Established patients who have not been seen in a year or more will be scheduled as a New Patient, in order to ensure that there is ample time for consultation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is appropriate for those seeking gentle alternative care as well as for those seeking to enhance an existing treatment plan with a medical doctor.