Case Study: Low Back Pain

At a first visit for acupuncture, a 43-year-old female reported chronic low back pain, with a #5-6/10 pain scale. Referred by Primary Care Physician. Diagnosis: lumbar strain L5-S1. No prior surgeries or major illnesses. She currently takes anti-inflammatory, pain and thyroid medications. (Hypothyroid) She has completed 3 months of physical therapy. She has had one steroid injection that did not help. She is concerned about the effects of the medications. Her initial low back pain #8-9/10. She has been unable to run or play tennis. Limited activities of daily living. Sleep is interrupted with low back pain.

Acupuncture Treatment – 2 times a week for one week followed by 1 treatment a week for 4 weeks. Released myofascial restrictions and Trigger (Ashi) Point s. Strengthened her underlying constitutional weakness: Kidney and Spleen qi deficiency.


Pain level 0-2/10. Physical therapy exercises more productive. Activities of daily living improving along with sleep.

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