What an interesting time we are living in! That is a wonderful thing, but it can also be daunting. So many of us are experiencing some form of upheaval in our lives. There seems to be a dramatic shift in consciousness taking place and the old ways of hierarchical dominance and imbalance of power are being challenged. I have noticed this in my work as well as in my personal life. We have seen it in the financial markets and on the political front. It is affecting all of us, globally, in a deep way, because we are all interconnected, and it is time for us to realize this and live from that conscious awareness.It is my belief that we all come here with a very special purpose, and our work is to discover what that purpose is and how it contributes to the healing of our world. People tend to rely on their intellect to think about what they need to do to solve situations. I believe it is time to get clear inside, to listen to a deeper wisdom and then let go and trust.Of course, when we do that, there is no telling what will come into our lives. It will take courage to trust and move forward with confidence and joy.Many of you have read "The Secret" and are wondering why you are not manifesting what you desire. I think to take full advantage of the powerful Law of Attraction, we need to do a little housekeeping first. We need to turn inward and listen to that deeper knowing so that we can really connect to what is calling us and act from that inspired place. We can  only manifest what we really want, if we know what we really want. And for that, we need to nurture a clear body, mind and spirit, so that our conscious and unconscious selves can align. It is only then that your true power will emerge and you will draw into your life not only what you desire, but more importantly, the revelation of your calling and purpose. This becomes the moment when nothing can stop you, where good fortune seems to find you, and events flow your way effortlessly.This is an interesting time. An exciting time. And it is definitely the time for us to focus on alignment and balance: between body, mind and spirit; between masculine and feminine, yin and yang; between thinking and feeling. From this will come the unfolding of your true purpose and a life that thrills and fulfills you. Your power is always in the present moment. Bring yourself into present, listen for your wisdom, allow the inspiration to build within, and watch the magic begin to happen.Marion Light