Traditional Chinese Medicine and Fertility Enhancement

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a comprehensive medical system that has evolved over the last 2500 years. Developing independently of western biomedicine and western thought, TCM believes there is an energetic body as well as physical body. By regulating the energetic body through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, adjunctive therapies and dietary changes, fertility is increased.TCM has 12 major meridian systems that generate and circulate energy throughout the body. Both male and female fertility is dependent on the Kidney meridian system being healthy and functioning optimally. When the Kidney system is weakened, sperm pathologies can arise. In women the ovaries decline leading to elevated FSH and menstrual irregularities and increased miscarriage rates.Although acupuncture and Chinese herbs are excellent ways to tonify the Kidney energy system there are things that can be done at home to preserve and boost the Kidney energy.On Monday, May 11th at 6:00pm, I will be holding a free talk titled “Traditional Chinese Medicine and Fertility Enhancement” at ilumina Healing Sanctuary. During this informal talk I will address ways to increase the Kidney energy along with sharing other pearls of wisdom. Please call the office at (602)957-2602 to register as space is limited.∞ Dana Price DOM, L.Ac., Dipl.OMilumina Healing Sanctuary7520 E. Camelback RoadScottsdale, Arizona 85251(602)