Upcoming Events

Our events are warm and informative and fill up fast so call sooner than later  to reserve a spot.  They are all held at ilumina.7520 E. Camelback RoadScottsdale, Arizona 85251(602)957-2602Women’s Circle led by Marion Light M.Ed.1st Monday of the MonthFor women looking to connect with other women in an environment that encourages inner growth and healing.  This meeting encompasses setting the space, clearing negative or stagnant energies, a guided meditation and sharing.  In our society, many women have become overstressed and overburdened with family, work and their own high expectations of themselves.  The age-old tradition of sitting in a circle and sharing has been replaced by hectic, isolated lives that lead to distraction from our deeper selves.  These groups allow a space for community, inner discovery and healing.  This renewed energy then goes forward with each woman and touches al those they encounter.Fertility Circle led by Marion Light M.Ed.3rd Monday of the MonthFor women on the journey to motherhood who are seeking connection with other women on the same path. This circle includes guided visualizations and will remain small to ensure personal attention.FREE LECTURE SERIESMarch 8, 2010  (Monday) 6-7:30pmHealing through the Emotions with Marion Light M.Ed.Our emotions, both conscious and unconscious play an important role in our learning. It is through the emotions that we gain deeper access to who we really are and what is important to us in our lives.  Living an inner guided life does not ensure an absence of difficulty in your life.  Leaving your emotions and tapping into your intuition will however allow you to move through these transitions with ease and grace without becoming unbalanced.  Come for an evening to learn about the emotional aspects of your physical, financial and relationship issues.April 26, 2010 (Monday) 6-7:30pmYoga for Fertility with Suzanne Gaynor L.Ac., RYTCome learn about the benefits of how yoga can reduce stress, increase blood flow and enhance fertility. Yoga philosophy, breathing techniques and simple poses will be explored. Fertility based private yoga sessions, books and DVDs will be available for purchase.  No specialty equipment or clothing needed.May 10, 2010 (Monday) 6-7:30pmTreating PCOS with Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dana Price L.Ac.Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a common cause of infertility. Come learn how taking the integrative approach to this complex syndrome can heal the ovaries and promote ovulation, aid in weight loss, and balance the hormones thus reducing symptoms and promoting fertility. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary therapy, massage, and emotional wellbeing will be addressed.