Natural Approaches to Low Libido

Loss of libido effects both men and women and at ilumina Healing Sanctuary we start with the natural approach. Specializing in infertility we often hear about couples struggling during the ovulation stage of the women's menstrual cycle as sex can become more of a chore than a pleasure. That combined with hormonal changes and a general increase in stress the libido can really suffer.So what can you do to increase the libido?

  • Exercise: 30-60 minutes of cardio daily (cardio machines, running, swimming, biking) with yoga, tai chi or qi gong added in.
  • Decrease stress: guided imagery, meditation, hiking, connecting with nature and hanging out with friends are some of the ways you can decrease stress. Be creative.
  • For women: Kegal exercises help tone the pelvic floor which aids in better blood flow.
  • For couples: spend time communicating and working on your relationship. Unresolved anger, conflicts and tension put a lot of stress and strain on a relationship.

So what does ilumina do to treat low libido?

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture: Individualized treatment plans are constructed utilizing: acupuncture, Chinese herbs, vitamins and supplements and dietary recommendations.
  • Polarity/ Emotional Wellness: As individuals and in relationship we can hold onto old emotional patters that can disrupt the libido. Using communication and energy work we can gain freedom from habitual patterns that disrupt the libido.
  • Mayan Abdominal Massage: Blood flow plays a significant role in a healthy libido and sexual response. Strategic bodywork on the abdomen, acupuncture meridians and sacral area can help restore the enery and blood flow.
  • Relaxation Massage: Stress, stress, kills the libido.  Massage is an excellent way to melt the tension away.

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