Reasons Why Athletes are Using Acupuncture



The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as safe and effective for acute and chronic pain,  injuries and orthopedic problems.

Here at ilumina Healing Sanctuary, Catherine Travis, L.Ac., treats professional athletes and weekend warriors.  Acupuncture is used by MLB, NFL, NBA, tennis, Olympic ice skating, college sports teams. Acupuncture is now used along with other forms of sports medicine. Your massage, chiropractic, physical therapy and stretching will be enhanced and more effective.

Reasons why athletes are using Acupuncture to Boost Athletic Performance.

Acupuncture speeds recovery time by accelerating healing process and helps your body recover from intensive exercise.

Acupuncture Resolves pain

 Acupuncture Increases range of motion

Acupuncture Decreases inflammation

Relieves muscle spasms

Decreases swelling and bruising

Improves circulation

Benefits of acupuncture for the athlete in training:

Acupuncture strengthens the immune system

Acupuncture increases awareness of body, mind and emotions.  

Acupuncture eases stress and anxiety

Acupuncture improves sleep