A First Time Experience


I am writing this as a witness and of what it is like to go from knowing very little about Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to being fully immersed in the possibilities.

Full disclosure, I am the office manager and one of the first faces you will see in office.  I am a licensed massage therapist and have received a small amount of education of eastern medicine.  So coming in I had an appreciation of the very, very basics.  I had no idea how complex, interesting, and effective this medicine really is.

With all that being said, I had never had acupuncture before coming to ilumina. I took the opportunity to try it out.  The appointment began with one of our practitioners, looking over some very thorough health history forms that I completed. We all have issues, right?  After answering a few more questions based on my sleep, digestion, over all sense of being, out came the diagnostic tools that are specific to only those fully trained in acupuncture and TCM.  She looked at my tongue, skin, eyes, and felt my pulse. The more I speak with them, the more fascinated I am by all the information about the human body that they can get from those indicators. Based on the information that presents itself, the treatment is then artfully designed from there.  

The rooms are quiet and comfortable.  The sounds are soothing.  My first treatment was lying on my back, I have also had some face down as well.  It all depends on the person on the table.  

In our culture, most of us have a negative association with “needles.”  We have had shots from an MD, accidentally poked by tacks or sewing needles, or the torture of dad removing a splinter.  Most of these experiences, to the average person, are associated with discomfort if not blatant pain.  ACUPUNCTURE NEEDLES ARE NOTHING LIKE THAT.  They are so small, placed in just the right spot, and in such a way that most of the time you do not feel it at all. I am not going to say that they never hurt.  I have a had a few used for trigger points in muscles or in spots that were tender and I felt it, but the discomfort only lasted a second. The truth is when I did have those that “smarted” as I say, the practitioner knew before I did that it was going to and was very good to make sure that I returned to comfort fast.  These are the exceptions and not the rule.  The majority you do not feel at all.  What you may feel is sensations;  relaxation, energy, warmth, or maybe cool, melting or release, or nothing at all. The realm of normal is vast. The needles remain placed for 25 minutes. That is all. The effects however, are significant and lasting. I always feel a bit spacey, maybe hungry, and serene after a treatment.  Concentrate a full nights sleep, a ninety minute massage, and a big hug all in one and that is the physical satisfaction that is possible.  

This was my experience. Everyone is different and based on their individual health history and body response their experience will vary. What I believe is beautiful about this medicine is that it treats the body as a whole and focuses health in balance no mater what the health concern. There is always a treatment that can be done for any issue.