The Lending Library at ilumina

One of the many services and benefits of being a patient at ilumina is the access you have to our lending library. We have collected books and resources on a variety of subjects that we feel are helpful to our patients. We lend these out for two weeks at time as a chance for our patients to preview a book they may want to purchase or just as a way to help educate. Some topics included are fertility, diet, pregnancy, meditation, feng shui, and essential oils.  

The only thing we ask is that the books are returned by the due date and that they are cared for. We have every borrower sign a form that they will do those things and in the case that something happens to the book or that it is not returned, we consider it purchased and charge the replacement amount.

We are currently doing an audit of our library and ask you help in returning any past due books. We will be contacting anyone that we have records of that still have materials. Moving forward, we will be holding borrowers accountable to the agreement so that we can continue to have this benefit and tool.

Thank you to our patients who are considerate of our policies and we hope that we can continue to make ilumina your sanctuary.