Enhancing Fertility by Reducing Toxin Exposure

On a daily basis we are bombarded by toxins which can have a negative effect on our fertility. Use these tips for reducing your toxic load:

Don’t drink out of plastic water bottles- when the plastic warms it leeches harmful chemicals into the water. There are many glass and steel options on the market. One of my low cost favorites is to use a 32oz mason jar and drink at least 3 per day. To flavor the water add some fresh mint, a lemon squeeze or fresh/ frozen berries. 

Buy organic tampons, menstrual pads, and household paper products- it is better for the environment and reduces your exposure to chlorine.

Switch to non-toxic body care products and make-up- Our favorites are Acure for shampoo, conditioner; Leaf People for facial care, facial sunscreen, and body lotion; Seventh Generation & Ecover for household cleaning products; Herbal Magic by Home Health for deodorant; and aromatherapy oils for home and personal fragrance.

Be careful with remodeling: carpet and some wood floors off gas a lot of chemicals, it is best to hold off or use tile; only use non-toxic low VOC paint; watch your glues and adhesives and choose non toxic options.

Choose organic foods as much as possible- this will reduce the amount of harmful pesticides and GMO exposure. Choose local seasonal foods as much as possible through a local farmers market or CSA.