The Lecture Series Returns July 9

Many of you may have been fans of the monthly lecture series here at ilumina.  Our break of information is over and we are now ready to meet and share. July 9, at 6:00 pm

Presenter: Dana Price DOM, L.Ac. FABORM

Topic: Infertility

Please Sign up at 602-957-2602, or, Space is limited.

On the Second Monday of each month we will be presenting lectures based on specific topics of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  You will need to sign up to attend.  These lectures will be free and will be an amazing opportunity to learn from our healing professionals.

Fertility Healing Circle: Monday, June 15th

Women in Bloom is honored to offer a healing circle at ilumina Healing Sanctuary for women on their road to motherhood. Our intention is to create a safe and nurturing environment for women to receive comfort and support in their journeys. Something magical happens when our stories are witnessed in a neutral, loving and supportive environment. This enables us to listen and hear our own wisdom and to share that wisdom with others on the path of good health and emotional healing. This women's circle will include guided visualizations and will remain small to ensure personal attention.For more information or to sign up for the Fertility Healing Circle please call ilumina Healing Sanctuary at (602)957-2602.Monday, June 15th6:00pm to 7:00pmilumina Healing Sanctuary7520 E. Camelback RoadScottsdale, Arizona 85251(602)957-2602

Women in Bloom: An Inner Journey to Freedom One Day Retreat

For women of all ages and phases of life who...

...want a deeper connection to their emotions, intuition and true desires.

...are struggling with relationships, parenting, career or other aspects of life. the confidence and freedom to live every experience to the fullest.


...your true desires.

...deeper awareness of your emotions and beliefs. what is keeping you from what you want.


...all aspects of yourself.

...what you see as imperfect.

...the powerful intuition of your inner being.


...your connection to source and ancient wisdom.

...the expansion, joy and appreciation in all you experience.

...yourself to trust life on every level.

2009 DatesMarch 21stOctober 17th

9:00am-4:00pmParadise Valley, Arizona

True freedom is an ecstatic energy for life anchored by a core of clarity and calm. When we are free, we are fully present and able to meet all of life's experiences with appreciation, wisdom and confidence. We are in touch with our heart's desires and able to move toward them. Even difficult situations can be met with an open perspective, expanding into each moment, instead of contracting into pain and fear. Life is an unfolding of mysteries and adventures, opportunities and challenges. What makes the journey richer and more joyful is the freedom we feel when we are alignment with Self.

Many women unconsciously limit their freedom. Often, beliefs and emotions brought about by life experiences become stuck in our being, and we continue to relive them, or let our future be shaped by them without even realizing it. Our retreat, An Inner Journey To Freedom, helps women resolve and free emotions and belief patterns that keep us attached to the past and limit our future. We can, through a gentle process of inner awareness and energy work, change our relationship to our experiences, bring our consciousness back to the present, and begin to receive all the gifts present in every moment. We can learn to love and appreciate ourselves fully, and allow life to open to new and exciting possibilities.

It is common during this type of work for women to experience profound awakenings physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We see time and again, as women reclaim their freedom and reconnect with their powerful inner guidance, they discover a greater trust in life, and in themselves. When their power is brought fully to the present, their lives begin to expand and fall into place in ways greater than they ever dreamed.

Emotional wellness expert Marion Light and Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist Dr. Dana Price are your highly experienced facilitators for this retreat. To ensure each participant gets personal attention and has an optimal experience, retreat size is limited to 12 participants.

Activities include:Self Discovery and JournalingLearning Compassionate CommunicationGuided MeditationGroup Sharing and SupportLabyrinth Walk

To ensure personal attention and an optimal experience, the number of participants at each retreat is limited to 12. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. You may want to bring a pillow, blanket and a notebook. Retreats are held in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Franciscan Renewal Center, which was chosen for its calming atmosphere and radiant Sonoran desert setting.

Franciscan Renewal Center

5802 E. Lincoln Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85253

The fee is $150 for the full-day retreat. Payment must be received in full by 3 weeks prior to your retreat date. Credit card, personal check or cash is accepted. There is a full refund for cancellations more than 2 weeks prior to the retreat date, and a 50% refund if canceling within 2 weeks.

Call (602) 957-2602 to reserve your space in an upcoming retreat.

Testimonials from previous retreats:

“I left Women in Bloom believing in myself and having faith in what is ahead.”

“This was a powerful and transforming circle of women who empowered us to birth a new awareness of ourselves as women.”

Without Dana, Marion, & Women in Bloom, I would still be struggling to find a way to let go of the past issues. Thanks to these wonderful women, I feel a breath of new life has breathed into my future.”

“There is something powerful in the environment you have created for women on their path to conception. I feel extremely supported and nurtured.”

“Women in Bloom has become my sanctuary during a time of great challenges.”

“The workshop helped me create a brighter light within.”

“I feel very free to share and connect with women.”

“This is a great step on your path to self discovery and wellbeing.”

Emotional Wellness and Fertility

At ilumina, we see women of all ages and all walks of life struggling with fertility. Every woman’s challenge is unique, but over many years of practice, I have come to see the pivotal role emotions often play in fertility issues. While medical, acupuncture and herbal treatments may assist fertility, it is vital to explore the emotional aspect. Unresolved emotions in the body, whether from stressful past events, or relating to pregnancy and parenthood, can depress fertility. Having a baby is the ultimate creative act, and as with anything we create, it requires our attention be in present time. Blocked and stagnant emotions create imbalances in the body and limit energy available for a healthy conception. I have seen time and time again, the releasing of conscious or unconscious grief, sadness and fear increase my patients ability to conceive.One woman came to me after four failed IVF cycles. She was suffering from extreme anxiety, always wanting to have a child of her own. While working with her, I felt the trauma of her experiences. Her body held each disappointment and the fear of another failure. She also felt as though she was being punished. The anxiety and fear took her out of present time, into past trauma and a future filled with the fear of not getting what she desperately wanted. In allowing her to explore and release the blocked energy inside her, she became free and light. She entered her next IVF cycle a different woman: relaxed, positive and balanced. She is now well into her pregnancy. Others are enjoying their first and second children.Emotional healing is not an exact science. It takes us into our inner world and requires deep soul searching. The impact of this work is often life changing. For women going through fertility challenges, I use a combination of energetic therapies, bodywork and compassionate communication to uncover issues deep within their beings. I help them discover their truths about becoming a mother and support them in allowing their deep desire and joy to emerge, while letting go of the fear and anxiety over the outcome. This creates a peace inside and a body-mind environment most conducive for conception, with this emotional balance extending into every area of their lives.Marion Light