Simple Recipes To Heal Dry Hands

If your anything like me your hands get extremely dry this time of year. My hands are so dry I nearly snagged a vintage Bob Mackie with them the other day while shopping! During this time of year the cold and the use of central heating does a number on your skin. Add to that all the hand washing to prevent colds and your poor hands are left practically moisture-less! After nearly ruining vintage couture, I came home and did an exfoliation treatment. It’s so simple, but works magic on your hands. Make sure you follow with a good, rich moisturizer (I use our Nourishing Body Cream) and your hands, as well as your silks, will thank you! RECIPES

Hand Sugar Exfoliant Mix two tablespoons of oil (vegetable, olive, baby or safflower oil) with three tablespoons of sugar (using coarse sugar will be better) and form a paste. Gently rub the paste on your hands and continue doing so for 2-3 minutes. Wash off with warm water and dry thoroughly. Hand Softener For coarse and dry hands, mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with a teaspoon of sugar and a little water. Apply this mixture on your hands and let it sit for 5 minutes. Wash off with warm water and dry thoroughly.

written by: Healing Anthropology

How To Read Labels: Easy Tips on Identifying Dangerous Ingredients in Personal Care Products

Better products are truthful in their marketing claims and free of potentially worrisome ingredients. Some products might make claims like “gentle” or “natural,” but since the government does not require safety testing, personal care product manufacturers can use almost any chemical they want, regardless of risks.How to read a labelEvery personal care product must list its ingredients. Here’s how to navigate the label:• Start at the end, with preservatives.Avoid:* Words ending in “paraben”* DMDM hydantoin* Imidazolidinyl urea* Methylchloroisothiazolinone* Methylisothiazolinone* Triclosan* Triclocarban* Triethanolamine (or “TEA”)• Check the beginning of the ingredients lists, where soaps, surfactants, and lubricants show up. Try to avoid ingredients that start with “PEG” or have an “-eth” in the middle (e.g., sodium laureth sulfate).• Read the ingredients in the middle. Look for these words: “FRAGRANCE,” “FD&C,” or “D&C.”For grown-upsMany parents pay more attention to their kids’ environmental health than their own, but adult bodies can be affected by toxic chemicals, too. EWG’s Safer Shopping List has nine common-sense tips to reduce everyone’s exposures. For instance, buy fragrance-free, skip the nail polish and use fewer products.Just for kidsExtra caution is in order for kids because, pound for pound, they are exposed to more contaminants in everyday products than adults. Their immature metabolism and organ systems are typically less capable of fending off chemical assaults. Even subtle damage to young bodies can lead to disease later in life.Follow EWG’s top five tips for kids:1. Use fewer products and use them less often.2. Don’t trust ad hype. Check ingredients!!3. Buy fragrance-free products.4. Avoid the use of baby powder.5. Always avoid EWG’s top six chemicals of concern for kids:* 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3 Diol* BHA* Boric acid and sodium borate* DMDM Hydantoin* Oxybenzone* TriclosanFor more information please see this link.Written by Healing AnthropologyHealing Anthropology products are green, clean and natural with our any of the chemicals listed. Full line available at ilumina Healing Sanctuary.

Your skin reflects the stresses in our life...or not?

March Theme at ilumina: Skin Care
Each month we will have a different theme to do with your wellness. This way we can share some important education on that subject along with some inspiration and specials.
This month is all about our skin and the importance of taking good care of it. We all know that our skin often reflects the stress from our lives, but with the right treatments and products it doesn't have to. We found two great articles that share great information about Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, which is a new service we now offer. This service has often been named "the holistic alternative to injections". This article shares the benefits of the service, and this article from The New York Times explains how it has become heavily in demand.We invite you to completely relax and enjoy the luxury of this 60 minute acupuncture facial featuring all natural skin care products by Healing Anthropology.-Softens fine lines-Rejuvenates dry skin-Leaves skin glowing & soft-Restores CollagenSpecials: March Only$25 your first facial$625 for a series of 5 facials and get the 6th for free!
(plus you take home a sample bag of all the products!)Call: 602-957-2602 to book your appointment today.

Eat To Look Young: Prevent Wrinkles with these 9 Foods!

Here is another informative Blog post from Healing Anthropology, our favorite natural skincare product line that we carry at ilumina. We can’t stop time, and nowhere is this more visibly discerning than on the surface of our largest organ, the skin. Why does the skin appear to age so rapidly? As we grow older, skin cells regenerate more slowly, making if difficult for the epidermis to repair itself. We also produce fewer hormones with age, which thinks skin, leaving it more vulnerable to damage. What more, oil-producing glands become less active, resulting in dry, fragile tissue. These effects are exacerbated by too much sun exposure, which accelerates the visible signs of aging, including discoloration, sagging and fine lines.All that aside, there is still good news. You can grow old gracefully while still be proactive in keeping your skin as healthy and happy as possible. This does not include fighting aging with chemical creams, Botox, and other unnatural methods. What is does include is exercising, healthy skincare and eating right. Eating right is even more important then previously presumed. New research shows that a diet rich is certain nutrients can prevent and reverse skin aging more effectively than expensive treatments.Stock up on the following foods to help your skin stay smooth, supple and young, no matter what your age.Kiwis-super high in Vitamin C which is crucial in the production of collagen (eat 2 a day)Berries-excellent source of ellagic acid, an antioxidant that helps protect skin against sun damage and reduces inflammation. Also rich in polyphenols which protect skin from free-radical damage (eat 1/2 cup per day)White Tea-blocks enzymes that break down collagen and elastin (drink at least 2 cups a day)Flaxseed Oil-contains Omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids which decrease skin roughness and scaling as well as build membranes around cells which helps keep skin moist and supple. (1-2 Tbsp a day on cold foods or used after cooking, heat kills its goodness)Spinach-very high in vitamin K inhibits calcification. Calcification limits skin elasticity which leads to wrinkles. (eat 1 cup at least 3 times per week)Dark Chocolate-rich in flavonols that protect skin from harmful UV light. (eat 1 oz a day)Tomatoes-amazing source of lycopene which stabilizes a volatile form of molecular oxygen that causes the skin to age. (aim to eat 1 cup cooked tomatoes with olive oil several times per week)Carrots-rich in vitamin A which serves as a barrier, providing a healthy surface lining to prevent bacteria from entering the body. (eath 1-2 cups carrots or other bright-orange foods every week)Avocados-rich in vitamin E and lutein which reduce harmful effects of the sun and help combat collagen breakdown. (eat 1-2 per week).ilumina Healing SanctuaryScottsdale, Arizona

Natural Skincare at ilumina

Now FeaturingHEALING ANTHROPOLOGY: NATURAL SKIN CARE LINEWe are proud to announce the newest addition to our retail line here at ilumina.  Healing Anthropology is now exclusively available at our location.  This all natural skin care line offers wonderfully rich, effective products completely free of any toxins or chemical preservative.All Healing Anthropology products are blended in small batches by a clinical herbalist and ethnobotantist.  The use of solely natural and organic ingredients such as cold-pressed essential oils, healing herbal extracts and reparative antioxidants makes the products as luxurious as they are safe.  The Rejuvenating face care line combines anti-aging ingredients that have been used for thousands of years with modern natural nutriceuticals.  The Nourishing Body Cream and Soothing Calendula Salve contain wonderfully emollient ingredients and essential oils that heal even the driest, most damaged skin and are excellent for eczema and psoriasis.  The Nurturing Baby Line is especially delicate and calming with organic calendula, lavender and chamomile.The product line will be available at the clinic beginning October 20, 2010.  Look for the November 1, 2010 Newsletter for more in depth details on this exciting new line.