Acupuncture can reduce post surgical pain

The latest powerful addition to ilumina is Catherine Travis, L.Ac.  Catherine brings with her a commitment to helping individuals be the best they can be given their current strengths and challenges.  She listens to the individual’s concerns and history; designs a treatment plan; and teaches and empowers the individual in their own healthcare.  One of the areas she specializes in is pre-surgical preparation and post surgical healing and recovery.  

She recently shared and article by Will Dunham, which validates the fact the acupuncture, can cut post-surgical pain.

“Researchers at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina analyzed the results of 15 clinical trials on the effectiveness of acupuncture—“

“The 15 trials showed that patients getting acupuncture before or during various types of operations had significantly less pain afterword than patients who did not get acupuncture.”


They not only reported less pain, but also decreases in nausea, dizziness, and urinary retention.


Catherine has many years of experience with acupuncture for this purpose and we are so pleased to have her.