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Along with acupuncture, herbs are an important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Clinical Chinese herbology is an art form of its own, and our practitioners are highly practiced and trained in this ancient art. We house a complete Chinese herb pharmacy with over 350 individual herbs by the most reputable sources including Conceivable, Golden Flower Chinese HerbsEvergreen Herbs, and E Fong Herbs. We carry Chinese herbs in easy-to-take powdered form for your convenience.

During an acupuncture session, your practitioner may elect to prescribe a traditional or customized mix of Chinese herbs for your treatment plan. Some of our clients, in fact, take Chinese herbs as their sole treatment plan. Our pharmacy is a holistic, comprehensive source of traditional Chinese herbs and our specialists possess the intricate knowledge of how to prescribe and monitor their use.

Along with Chinese herb formulas, we sometimes recommend (and we always carry) select nutraceuticals: high-quality pharmaceutical products based on the values of nutrition and health. Among the natural supplements and healing tinctures we carry are select items by Xymogen, Thorne ResearchIntegrative TherapeuticsNutriwest, and Pure Encapsulations, as well as Yin-care herbal wash. Your ilumina practitioner can talk to you about the benefits of using these products.