Dr. Mallory Aye-Englert, NMD

Dr. Mallory Aye-Englert is a naturopathic medical doctor licensed to practice in the state of Arizona. Dr. Mallory completed her naturopathic medical degree in Portland, Oregon from the National University of Natural Medicine.

In addition to her education in naturopathic primary care, she has completed training in midwifery and natural childbirth, the Fertility Awareness Method, hormone replacement therapy, fertility and preconception care, and pelvic floor therapy.

Following school, Dr. Mallory matched with a residency at Sierra Tucson where she received mentorship and additional training to support women during all aspects of their life, including the more difficult experiences such as trauma and chronic pain. During residency, she learned how to best support, listen to, and care for patients experiencing depression, anxiety, as well as how to address trauma compassionately.

Dr. Mallory has trained through the Herman and Wallace Institute in pelvic floor therapy. She is passionate about helping women that experience chronic pelvic pain find relief.  

Dr. Mallory believes that holding space for women during important times in their lives is crucial to health and wellbeing. She uses an evidenced-based approach to health with an emphasis on natural modalities. This is a collaborative health partnership. Dr. Mallory loves identifying the root cause of health issues in order to determine a unique treatment plan that takes your health goals and history into consideration. Illness presents us with an opportunity to shift towards balance.

Work with Dr. Mallory to learn how naturopathic medicine can support you during whatever time of life you are in.

Areas of expertise include:

Preconception counseling
Infertility/fertility including support around pregnancy loss
Postpartum care
Chronic pain
Low libido and pain with intercourse
Menstrual problems including but not limited to endometriosis and PCOS
Functional concerns including fatigue, difficulty sleeping, weight changes, and difficulty concentrating
Depression and anxiety
Digestive issues including IBS/SIBO