Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

We understand a pregnancy loss can be emotionally devastating and physically challenging and how heartbreaking it is for women & couples who desire to have a baby and face this sadness again and again.

We provide compassionate care that has a different focus depending where you are in the process of pregnancy loss. During an active loss we can aid the natural process of the body on the  physical level aiding in the reduction of HCG hormone and support you on an emotional level.  Then we focus on recovery, balancing hormones and rebuilding your body so you will be able to choose if and when you want to conceive again. The third phase is to prime the body to reduce your risk of having another loss. With the next pregnancy we closely support you during the first 12 weeks to promote a healthy pregnancy.

Acupuncture and East Asian medicine look at pregnancy and miscarriage not only on the physical level but also from the subtle energy movement in your body. This energy is referred to as Qi. Through thousands of years of refinement East Asian practitioners can diagnose and treat Qi imbalances on a very deep level. At ilumina our practitioners are highly educated and experienced and can provide specialized acupuncture and herbal formulations with an unparalleled level of expertise and confidence.

If you have experienced one or more miscarriages we can use our unique approach to diagnose and treat underlying imbalances to help prevent future loss and get you closer to your dream of having a healthy baby.

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