Everyone at Ilumina is amazing! Dana and Charlene are wonderful and Tracy at the front desk is so welcoming. The space itself is very tranquil and relaxing, and I look forward to my appointments each week. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing fertility treatments or any general wellness issues. I had never had Acupuncture before, and I am now a true fan of the benefits.
— L.B., Santa Monica, CA
I received a treatment from Shira shortly after the death of my father. In that emotionally raw time, I remember my surprise at the love and gentleness of her touch with needles and the ensuing peace I felt. Truly, I have never experienced anything else like it.
— M.M. SLC, UT
I am new to town and was looking for a new naturopathic physician who is also licensed to do acupuncture. Dr. Lewis was recommended to me by several people and I am so glad they did! She helped me with several hormonal issues, including hypothyroid & perimenopause, and helped me with a couple chronic injuries using both acupuncture and diet and lifestyle. In 3 months, I have lost over 10 lbs, am able to exercise more, and have my energy back. She did a thorough medical history and was able to address issues that others had missed or dropped the ball on. I do not feel judged and she is realistic about the changes she suggest. She has helped me take control of my health and is the most proactive medical provider I have ever seen. I highly recommend her!
— Z. C., Portland, OR
Audrey was fantastic! I haven’t felt this relaxed in months. She found all my trouble spots and I actually feel taller as my muscles are finally stretched.
— K.L., Seattle, WA
I have come to rely on Catherine’s skills and good counsel. Coming to ilumina is always restorative and generally a delightful experience. Thank you!
— M.S., Phoenix, AZ
Simply put, ilumina has been life-changing for me for everything from a cold to chronic pain. Thank you all for everything.
— M.H., Phoenix, AZ
I have been going to ilumina for about for almost five months now and have seen almost all of the practitioners there. The entire office is peaceful, friendly, and knowledgeable and I couldn’t be happier with the positive benefits I have received.
— H.C., Paradise Valley, AZ
There is a gentle, serene, calmness to the office that offers guests/patients the opportunity to relax and find peace, so thank you for that.
— K.M, Flagstaff, AZ
Audrey is an incredible massage therapist. We discussed some of my main concerns and she knew exactly where to place her hands without me having to say a word. Not to wax poetic, but I would call her a healer. I have had a long-standing (like three years) point pain in my left abdomen and have been to many doctors and even a pain clinic and none of them could figure it out. Within 20 minutes Audrey was able to diagnose the cause of the pain and massaged and stretched me to help relieve it. She gave me some stretches to do at home as well and I am truly amazed by the decrease in pain in just 60 minutes.
— L.H., Phoenix, AZ
I had been dealing with a health challenge for several years. My quality of life was waning. I searched out conventional health professionals and had every type of diagnostic test. I sought assistance from alternative health professionals as well. Unfortunately, no one could provide me with answers –until I met Dana Price. She nailed the root of my problem on our first visit. Her expertise with Chinese Herbs is beyond compare. The recovery process required diligence and discipline on both Dana’s and my part. Do not hesitate to seek out her services. Your health will be greatly rewarded.
— B.R., Scottsdale, AZ
The first time I came to see Dana, I was two inches away from a nervous breakdown. Within a few treatments I was feeling so much better – relaxed and in control. Through this last year of weekly treatments with Dana, she has been able to help my stress, anxiety, digestive issues, sinuses and allergies. Most importantly, while treating these issues, she was boosting my immune system and adding so much to my wellness. I can’t say enough about Dr. Dana Price and how wonderful she is. She is an amazing practitioner.
— L.S., Scottsdale, AZ
Dana Price is professional, knowledgeable, has a strong understanding of the client’s needs, and gets the job done. My health is better when I see her on a regular basis. She makes me comfortable with my questions. I would recommend her services to ANYONE!!
— J.K. , Phoenix, AZ
Dana helped me with severe right shoulder and elbow pain. After about a month, I was able to play tennis and golf again. Not only did the treatments help with my physical pain, but also with some depression I was going through.
— K.R., Scottsdale, AZ
Thank you for all you have done for me. I know part of it is being a practitioner, but the kindness you bring to your practice is beautiful. I hope you know how much you have changed my life.
— D.A., Scottsdale, AZ
After years of struggling with allergies to my two cats, which have been documented through testing, last fall I had two sessions with Dana Price over a two-week period. This fall I was again tested for specific allergies at the allergist. To my excitement I am no longer allergic to my cats!
— M.W., Phoenix, AZ
I have had acupuncture several times over the last 3.5 years for several different reasons, including an acute sleep disorder. Each time I have had acupuncture and taken the prescribed herbs, it has significantly improved my well-being. Acupuncture and herbs put my body/mind back into a healthy state of well-being.
— J.P., Phoenix, AZ
I have suffered from headaches since high school. They started as tension headaches, but after a couple of major car accidents, they became a combination of tension and injury related problems. Stress was also a factor. I spent over 15 years visiting chiropractors and massage therapists to treat them. When I recently became pregnant with my second child, I began to get headaches that bordered on migraines and would not go away. I was limited in what I could take to treat them due to my pregnancy. My O.B. recommended I see Dr. Price. Within a week of treatment, I saw relief. Thank you Dr. Price!
— M.C., Scottsdale, AZ
After two years of unrelenting, severe abdominal pain, I was diagnosed with a lipoma, a non-malignant tumor attached to my spinal cord. Because of its size and location, the doctors did not advise surgery and were treating the pain with prescription nerve blockers and narcotic painkillers, increasing the dosage on a regular basis. At the suggestion of a good friend, I started acupuncture for this condition in February. By April, I was pain-free and able to reduce by one-third the dosage of nerve blockers and stop taking the painkillers completely. I believe this remission has come completely from the acupuncture treatments, and I am totally grateful to Dana Price’s staff.
— N.M., Fountain Hills, AZ
After over 3 years with rheumatoid arthritis, I was living daily with debilitating pain, which not only affected simple tasks such as dressing, but also my attitude, my marriage and my career. My experience with Dana has truly been life-changing. I no longer take arthritis medicine. I have regained my sense of hope, my marriage is solid, and I have a more positive outlook. I’ve advised everyone I know, including my rheumatologist, of my remarkable results. I am forever grateful.
— J.F., Phoenix, AZ
I have had weekly acupuncture treatments for about 3-4 years. I needed a back spinal fusion when I was 18, and never imagined I would ever return to competitive sports or be at peace with my physical limitations. Acupuncture helped me regain a level of healing that I could do triathlons again, ski and snowboard like I had thought never again possible, and become healthier in many ways. My family of doctors have no doubt that I am living proof that acupuncture is as valuable a resource as any of them. Thank you.
— N.O., Phoenix, AZ
Please accept my sincere gratitude for relieving the pain from my IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) condition. I have experienced pain and discomfort from IBS for the past 7 years. Medical doctors prescribed pain-relieving medicine and performed invasive procedures, which did not correct my condition. After my first visit with Dana, I experienced pain relief and felt better overall. Much to my surprise, your methods were painless and accurate. I have been able to expand a bland diet to more robust tastes, textures, and flavors with no discomfort. The good received from your treatments far outweighs the benefits of any prescription drugs. Thank you so much.
— P.S., Glendale, AZ
I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 5 years ago at the age of 21. My doctor decided to first do an outpatient surgery since I was in such pain. I had the surgery, but in about a year the pain was back. My doctor finally recommended Dana Price. I was a little nervous, but it sounded way better than what I had been doing. I went for the first session and have been going since. I have avoided further surgery and am able to live life and even lost 45 pounds. Dana listens to me and makes me feel valuable. She is always there when I need her and doesn’t take forever to help in problems. I recommend Dana Price to anyone who is needing help.
— C.W., Yuma, AZ