Since 1999, Phoenix native Dr. Dana Price has successfully managed a busy practice while gaining a reputation as an expert and pioneer in Oriental Reproductive Medicine and women’s health. In 2008 she opened ilumina Healing Sanctuary, a project that built on the vision of a holistic wellness clinic that she first launched with the Southwest Center for Oriental Medicine. In founding ilumina, Dr. Price has expanded her clinic to encompass holistic care for both men and women throughout their lives, offering emotional wellness therapies and bodywork alongside acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The elegant facility features eco-friendly materials, non-toxic supplies, and responsible recycling practices. ilumina’s elemental-themed treatment rooms — based upon the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine — are designed to be comfortable and relaxing. ilumina has a lending library and encourages patients to borrow books, CDs, and DVDs that will enhance and inform their healing experience. The wellness boutique offers unique natural and organic products for health. And the Chinese herb pharmacy is a comprehensive source for onsite Chinese herbs and nutraceutical supplements.

Mission and Vision

Founded in 2001, ilumina Healing Sanctuary is a space and a path to restore balance in the lives of our patients and the lives of those around them. Our mission is to promote enriched living and optimal health in women and men of all ages by integrating acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine with the best practices from Western Medicine.

Practitioners at ilumina Healing Sanctuary have masters and doctorate level education and decades of clinical experience that provides patients with a truly authentic, relaxing, and results-based experience with Chinese and Naturopathic Medicine. ilumina specializes in providing an effective and peaceful path to optimal health, fertility and pregnancy for those women seeking it. We seek to provide the necessary services and atmosphere for the healing and empowerment of all patients. 


The core values that guide ilumina Healing Sanctuary focus on individual and community enrichment and health.

Mindfulness: We ground-in mindfulness and give selflessly to others.

Compassion: We meet with open-hearts filled with curiosity and compassion.

Leadership: We guide by embracing the ancient philosophies of Chinese medicine and the wisdom of the traditional doctors before and around us.

Professionalism: We work in a state of integrity and honesty while adhering to the highest professional standards.

Research: We update our practices with the latest clinical and scientific research and incorporate it into our practices.

Science: We blend together traditional Chinese Medicine with the best practices from Western Medicine for highly effective results.

Collaboration: We work together with physicians and others clinics to bring our patients the best possible care.