Case Study: Unexplained Infertility

A 37-year-old female came to ilumina after trying to conceive on and off for nine years. She had sought ART which included six rounds of Clomid, three IUI cycles and one unsuccessful IVF. Her plan was to start another IVF cycle in two weeks. She was also experiencing insomnia, acid reflux, stress and anxiety.

1. Chinese medicine treatment: 

Acupuncture treatments were timed three times a week which totaled 14 before egg retrieval. Chinese medicine based dietary changes were made.

Nighttime meditation and progressive relaxation before bed was incorporated. Pre- and Post-transfer acupuncture was performed at the RE&I clinic.

Results: Pregnancy test: negative. Insomnia and acid reflux resolved. Stress and anxiety reduced. No embryos to freeze. Suspected egg quality issue.

2. Chinese medicine treatment:

Gentle cleanse protocol before another IVF attempt.

More aggressive Chinese medicine treatment: acupuncture treatment twice a week, neutraceuticals and Pre and post transfer acupuncture performed at RE&I clinic.


Positive pregnancy test.

After more time to work on egg quality and blood flow to the uterus through acupuncture, dietary recommendations, neutraceuticals and stress reduction, patient was able to achieve a positive pregnancy test. Acupuncture was continued during pregnancy and she had a healthy baby.

Case Study: Poor Egg Quality & Male Factor Infertility

A 38-year-old female came to ilumina after trying to conceive for more than a year. She had already undergone two IVF cycles with no success and had two miscarriages. Her RE&I physician recommended donor egg and donor sperm. The patient wanted to try Chinese medicine to improve her egg quality and decrease her chance of miscarriage. She sought out another RE&I specialist and decided to try two IUIs then IVF using her own eggs and husband’s sperm. Although she responded well to the IUI medications they did not result in a pregnancy. She then pursued IVF.

Chinese medicine treatment:

Acupuncture was performed twice a week totaling 17 treatments before egg retrieval. Her follicles developed slowly but she was able to transfer 2 embryos. Pre and post transfer acupuncture was performed at her RE&I office. She achieved a positive pregnancy test.

Acupuncture continued once a week during the first trimester to decrease her chance of miscarriage and reduce stress and anxiety. Prenatal massage as needed.


Successful pregnancy using own egg and husband’s sperm.

Case Study: Infertility due to advance maternal age, elevated FSH and low AMH

A 43-year-old female came to ilumina wanting to have another baby. Her son was 2-years-old and she had a history of a miscarriage. She had plans to go through IVF in a month or two and wanted to increase her egg quality, decease her risk of miscarriage, and prepare her body for IVF.

Chinese medicine treatment:

Acupuncture twice a week, Mayan abdominal massage once a month, Chinese medicine based dietary changes, Chinese herbs rotating throughout her cycle, and neutraceuticals.


She conceived without ART during her second cycle of Chinese medicine treatment. Acupuncture as performed during the first trimester and she had a healthy baby.

Case Study: Infertility due to elevated FSH, low AMH.

A 36-year-old female came to ilumina with the diagnosis of diminished ovarian reserve after trying to conceive on her own for one year and was preparing for an IVF cycle. She had no previous pregnancies.

Chinese medicine treatment:

Acupuncture 1-2 times a week depending on what part of the IVF cycle. Chinese herbs, dietary changes, and neutraceuticals.


Pregnancy achieved on own the first cycle of treatment. Acupuncture was performed throughout the pregnancy for miscarriage prevention, nausea, fatigue, constipation and carpel tunnel syndrome. She had a healthy pregnancy and baby.