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We'll Complement Your IUI Treatment

At ilumina our IUI specialists provide holistic support for women in Phoenix and Scottsdale who desire to make their intrauterine insemination procedures more effective. Our patients come to ilumina seeking ways to manage stress associated with infertility treatments and how to overall improve their success rates, overall health and IUI experience. We provide natural and holistic support that focuses on health and well being while enhancing fertility.

Ilumina has been working with metro Phoenix Reproductive Endocrinologists since 2001 providing adjunctive care to the medical approach including the treatment of poor ovarian, polycystic ovarian syndrome, unexplained infertility, endometriosis, and advanced maternal age. Our IUI support services are customized to each patient’s personal needs and may include acupuncture, Chinese medicine, naturopathic medicine, Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Massage, nutritional supplements, meditation and other therapies or techniques designed to enhance fertility and improve the chances of success with intrauterine insemination. PCOS, endometriosis, irregular menstrual cycles, poor ovarian reserve, and other conditions can make it difficult to conceive, as these issues are often related to an imbalance in hormones and infertility. Our natural IUI treatments are designed for those who desire the best possible chance of success with intrauterine insemination.

A Natural Approach to Getting Pregnant

We have found our patients' success with IUI clinics is frequently improved with holistic IUI support, as acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and other services work to balance hormones and enhance egg and follicle health while optimizing the environment (uterus) so that eggs grow and mature as they should. The effectiveness of integrative medicine has been proven in studies to significantly increase the odds of becoming pregnant. Those in Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding areas interested in learning more about our IUI specialists and the holistic fertility services we provide are invited to call ilumina today at 602-957-2602.

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