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Come and spend time with our amazing massage therapist Audrey Blanchard. Receive $20 off any new 1 hr. or 1.5 hr. massage appointment booked June 11th-16th (includes Mayan massage).

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June 11, at 6:30 pm
Catherine Travis, L.Ac. will be hosting a Meetup group here at the clinic. The group is geared toward the 50 and older population. This is a great opportunity to join a community focused on health and balance. There are limited spaces available so please RSVP by calling 602-957-2602.

July 9, at 6:00 pm
The return of the ilumina lecture series.
Topic: Infertility
On the Second Monday of each month we will be presenting lectures based on specific topics of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You will need to sign up to attend. These lectures will be free and will be an amazing opportunity to learn from our healing professionals.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

The use of herbs in Chinese Medicine dates back to 1,000 BC. It is a healing tradition that has stood the test of time and has been proven effective over and over again. An interesting fact to note about the use of herbs is that they are rarely prescribed alone. The beauty of the herbal formulas is that the recipe can be created for the individual based on their unique health history and healing goals. The herbs in the formulas can work in harmony with each other enhancing the strengths and reducing the side effects.
Chinese Herbal Medicine treats the person as a whole focusing on the root of a concern rather than chasing symptoms. The goal is to bring the body into balance by activating its own innate healing ability.

Question and Answer

Q. I have had recurrent shoulder pain for 2 years. I am a tennis player and at times I am unable to play due to the pain. Can acupuncture help me?

A. Yes. The shoulder's muscles, tendons and ligaments are prone to a variety of repetitive stress, trauma and degenerative problems. Pain and restricted range of motion are the most common symptoms.
There is now evidence that shows acupuncture treats pain. Dr. Bruce Pomerantz, a neurophysicist, holds the theory that acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's own natural painkiller. For treating shoulder pain, we give a series of acupuncture treatments that work together to build the release of these endorphins. Along with the acupuncture, we often include Chinese medical massage for tendinitis; cupping for myofascial release, and needling trigger/motor points.

Our goal is to find the shortest route to your full recovery.


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ilumina healing clinic, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, combines acupuncture, chinese medicine, women's health and fertility and other therapies like: Acupuncture/ Traditional Chinese Medicine - Ancient Chinese Facial Rejuvenation - Polarity Therapy/ Emotional Wellness - Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy - Women's Health & Pregnancy Bodywork - Massage Therapy - Traditional Chinese Herbs & Nutraceuticals - Wellness Boutique. We are known for our ability to treat- Pregnancy - Women's Health - Men's Heath - Sports Injuries & Pain - General Health - in particular, Women's Infertility issues.