There has been a lot of information in the news about the changes to health care in the US. Generally, there has been a shift in focus away from personalized medicine and this often results in fragmented care, with patients and their preferences often lost in the shuffle.  Since hormones and general health are so intricately intertwined for women, it is often important to have a physician who can address both general medical problems and those that may be hormonally-related, with an eye toward prevention of disease and promotion of heath & wellness.  

The menopausal transition is an opportunity for women to refocus their attention and energy on their physical health and wellbeing. For some women, this can mean making lifestyle changes to improve their day-to-day quality of life and prevent chronic disease.  For others, hormonally-mediated symptoms may motivate them to search for relief, possibly through the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and alternative therapies.  Navigating the immense quantity of information that is available from the internet, medical providers and friends can be understandably overwhelming.  As such, Dr. Lewis has moved towards a menopause-focused medical practice because with the belief that all women can benefit from the individualized education, counseling and evidenced-based therapies only a specialist in this realm can provide.

As the only naturopathic physician credentialed as a NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner in the state of Arizona, Dr. Lewis is uniquely positioned to take a holistic approach to the hormonal changes experienced by women as they age by offering evidenced-based supportive therapies, such as diet, exercise, select supplements, and FDA-approved, bio-identical hormones when appropriate. Her approach to menopause treatment is a practical, straightforward approach to overall health and wellness while easing the transition. She offers all patients the opportunity to have as much time as necessary to focus not just on symptom management, but also education and counseling on the menopausal transition, general health and wellness and prevention of chronic disease specific to women.

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