One of the things that sets ilumina Healing Sanctuary apart from other complementary medicine clinics is our unique professional affiliation with the Western medical community in the Valley. It’s important to us to have close working relationships with the best Scottsdale OB/GYNs, reproductive endocrinologists, perinatologists, oncologists, midwives, and general practitioners. When you come to ilumina for care, you are not necessarily choosing Eastern or Naturopathic medicine over Western. We often work in close conjunction with your doctor(s) and can recommend Western specialists when the need arises. In return, we’re a trusted resource for physicians looking to enhance their patient care options.

Outside of their time spent at ilumina, our specialists provide care at:

Bloom Reproductive Institute
Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists
Fertility Treatment Center
Advanced Fertility Care
Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health
West Valley Fertility Clinic
IVF Phoenix