Thanks for taking such good care of the fertility patients I have sent your way. I hear nothing but great feedback from them. Most of the patients have stated that acupuncture has made a big difference in their lives and will stick with it into the future. Once again, thank you for your commitment to great and needed care.
— Nathaniel Zoneraich, MD, FACOG
Thank you Dana Price and the ilumina team. We encourage our fertility patients to integrate acupuncture and Chinese medicine into their treatments plans and we have seen the results. Your patient centered care is compassionate, professional, and effective with the unique bonus of providing acupuncture onsite for our IVF embryo transfers.
— Millie Behera MD, FACOG
For several years now Arizona Reproductive Medicine specialists has been using Dana Price for our patients who desire acupuncture therapy. I have received very positive feedback. I am also very impressed by her professionalism and her interest in understanding the biology of reproduction and current medical literature on this topic. Not too long ago we invited her to review with us recent scientific research on acupuncture and infertility treatment. It was clear she was well read and has special competence in the use of acupuncture to assist infertile couples.
— Drew V. Moffitt, MD FACOG
I totally support a patient’s decision to consider acupuncture. Acupuncture clearly has its place as an adjunctive treatment in the field of reproductive medicine. I am in complete support of your work and that of acupuncture in general.
— Jay S. Nemiro, MD
Thank you so very much for taking such good care of the patients that we refer to you. Infertility treatment is very stressful and emotional for the couple. Through acupuncture, we are finding that patients are becoming more relaxed and are able to go through treatment in a healthier state.
— Sujatha Gunnala, MD