Pre-Conception & Post-Birth Support

ilumina Women's Health Specialists

At ilumina Healing Sanctuary we know that pregnancy is one of the most amazing experiences of a woman's life and for a lot of our patients one that has been difficult to attain. We also recognize it is one of the most stressful considering the changes your body and mind go through before, during and after pregnancy. Even the healthiest pregnancies benefit from caring, compassionate support. At ilumina, our expert team of board certified physicians & practitioners will support your pregnancy from conception to birth.

And for those struggling with difficult pregnancies — from intense “morning” sickness, constipation and fatigue to serious complications or threatened miscarriage, we offer professional, experienced care in conjunction with your routine prenatal care.  We provide pregnancy and postnatal support that integrates acupuncture, East Asian medicine, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and other natural therapies. Our treatments are customized to your unique needs, as all women are different.

Overall health both mentally and physically is important; proper hormone balance is also vital. Unlike traditional Western medicine, Chinese medicine practices are effective in balancing hormones and the systems of the body while encouraging physical, mental and emotional harmony. Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture are also effective in post-natal support as various treatments and therapies work to ease or eliminate discomfort or pain often experienced following birth while boosting emotional well-being and rebalancing body systems.

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