Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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Are you a woman in Scottsdale or Phoenix who has experienced miscarriage or have been diagnosed with recurring pregnancy loss? Losing a pregnancy can be emotionally devastating and physically challenging. Our fertility specialists understand how heartbreaking it is for women & couples who desire to have a baby and face devastation again and again. We provide compassionate services that focus on healing the body and promoting overall health in a way that is natural and involves traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbs, Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Massage, nutritional supplements, meditation and more depending on the underlying issues that may be contributing to recurring pregnancy loss.

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Hormonal imbalances, poor uterine blood flow, blood sugar imbalances, even your immune system or thyroid disease may contribute to recurring pregnancy loss. At ilumina we focus on discovering the underlying cause or causes so that we can provide customized treatment and help you finally achieve your dream of carrying a healthy baby to term.

If you are a woman in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area who suffers from miscarriages or recurrent pregnancy loss we urge you to contact ilumina Healing Sanctuary today at 602-957-2602 to learn more about our services.


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