"I am passionately inspired by the relevancy of Chinese Medicine in addressing our modern day Obgyn/ Fertility healthcare needs, and by it's uniquely gentle precision for improving the holistic well being of individuals and families who make it a part of their lives."

Originally from Philadelphia PA, Shira Dobratz has been studying eastern medicine since 2000, starting with Ayurveda, and Yoga (which she has been certified to teach in 3 different styles over the last 15 years) before reaching her ultimate calling to Chinese Medicine. She graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College in New Mexico, in 2010 and has been nationally licensed since that time, and state licensed in PA, DE, and AZ. She has worked in a variety of medical models and settings including an integrative spine and pain management clinic, an integrative natural medicine wellness center, chiropractic and physical therapist facilities, birthing centers, community acupuncture clinics (in Philadelphia and Phoenix), yoga centers, as well as maintaining a strong home visit practice all through out the east valley where she resides.

Though Shira practices generalized family medicine, she has been growing a speciality in OBGYN and Fertility Health (including integrative work with Western Reproductive Medicine)  or the last 5 years. In addition to maternity and fertility care, her clinical focus includes PCOS, thyroid imbalance, and autoimmune conditions that affect the reproductive and endocrine system.  She also has in-depth experience treating pain conditions of any cause. She has been mentored and influenced by Worsley's 5- Element style, but her foundation and center point for clinical practice is classical TCM which she learned from her brilliant and accomplished Chinese teachers in Acupuncture School.  She believes in miracles, in the power of peace to impact our physiology, in lasting life change through awareness and personal insight, and in the regeneration that accompanies the healing process.

A 2001 graduate of The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in Philadelphia PA, Shira is also a classically trained visual artist, and a twice published poet. She is a devoted wife and mother who loves nutritious cooking & baking, hiking,  camping, making art, creative writing, reading,  friendship, learning from others, yoga/pilates & exercise, contemplation,  prayer, family trips, comedies, and cartoons that inspire healthy adventurousness and good morals.

Shira is a compassionate and skillful practitioner with a desire to help her patients. She provides successful Acupuncture treatments for a variety of conditions including:

Pain Management
Fertility support

Pre/Post Natal Care
Women’s and Men’s Health
Thyroid disorders
Sleep disorders
Autoimmune issues