Cancer Support

At ilumina we understand the complexity of cancer treatment and believe in working alongside your surgeon, oncologist, radiologist and internal medicine physician(s), providing another layer of care that western medicine does not provide. By incorporating Eastern medicine and acupuncture you can increase your Western medical therapeutic success rate while physically and mentally feeling better. Surgical healing times can be decreased, the formation of scar tissue can be reduced, chemotherapeutic plans can stay on schedule, tissues can heal faster from radiation, all with taking the approach of looking at the body from an optimal health view and stimulating the body's innate healing response.

Our experienced Chinese Medicine practitioners utilize evidence based therapies and focus on results. Our therapies include:
Acupuncture- for physical and mental health
Individualized Chinese Herbal Formulas
Nutritional Therapy from both the Chinese and Western philosophies
Vitamin and Supplement Therapy

Your initial visit will last 60-90 minutes. During that visit one of our medical practitioners will go over your medical history and existing treatment plan then develop a unique complementary treatment plan. An acupuncture treatment is included in the visit. Herbs and supplements will be available if needed and diet and lifestyle recommendations will be made. Treatment with us can start at the time of diagnosis, during Western medical treatment or while in remission to restore health and balance. We can arrange treatments outside our clinic if you are more comfortable being treated at home. Palliative treatments can also be arranged in hospice.  

ilumina is unique in that we offer fair pricing for our cancer support. Treatments are charged the same as if we were treating infertility, headaches or menstrual pain even though we are specialists in cancer treatment and get results. We are dedicated to creating realistic treatment plans and keeping the economic impact in mind. We do not believe that you need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to feel better.

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