Headache and Migraine

At ilumina we know that headaches & migraines can be a constant interfering factor in daily life. Many of our patients arrive at the clinic after years of unsuccessful treatment. Acupuncture and East Asian medicine view the cause of headaches & migraines very differently than the western view be it pharmaceuticals or botanicals so you will enjoy a fresh new approach. Looking at the body as an energetic as well as physical being, your specialist will diagnose certain imbalances and customize a treatment for you based upon this unique diagnosis. Your treatment plan may include acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulations, cupping, gua sha, vitamins & supplements and nutritional advice.

Research has shown that acupuncture can successfully reduce tension-type headaches and migraines.

Our focus is not only treating the acute pain of headaches & migraines but to help prevent them in the future. Our patients tend to find that their pain is less frequent, intense with shorter duration of acute pain. So people experience the pain going away completely. Acupuncture and East Asian medicine can release muscle spasm/ tension/ and stiffness, reduce inflammation, balance hormones, and reduce blood pressure.

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