Acupuncture on Embryo Transfer Day Can Increase Chance of Pregnancy by 10%

December 15, 2020
ilumina Healing Sanctuary

Nearly 1.6% of all infants born in the United States every year are born using Assisted Reproductive Technology. Reproductive Endocrinologists are persistently looking for ways to increase a couple's success for pregnancy. Recently,  a two-year study was done in the Arizona Valley to determine the success of using acupuncture day of embryo transfer. The total sample size was 396 patients with the minimum age of 23 years old and the maximum age of 45 years old, and an average age of 35 years old. Those who did receive acupuncture before and after transfer improved their chances of pregnancy by 10%; compared to the group that didn’t receive acupuncture. 

According to Manca di Villahermosa et al “failure of embryo implantation is considered the biggest challenge of reproductive medicine”. 

IVF is a stressful process to the body and finding ways to relax and prepare the body for implantation are crucial. Acupuncture increases the blood flow to the uterus, increases endometrial-lining development, decreases spasms, and calms the patient. Many studies continually support the data that when ART is combined with Chinese Medicine the pregnancy rates are higher. Acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer has helped increase successful IVF outcomes. Acupuncture not only improves the pregnancy rates, but also helps ease the anxiety of the patients. Wherever you are in your fertility journey acupuncture will be helpful, if you are thinking about onsite acupuncture day of transfers, we will go to most doctors in the valley to offer our services.

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