COVID-19 Updates

Our ilumina community is here to support you. We are committed to the safety of our patients and staff and follow CDC and industry recommendations.

We are accepting New Patients so you can establish care or continue care with us utilizing our services offered below.

Although this list is not exhaustive we can schedule new and established TeleTCM and in person appointments for:

Fertility Enhancement
IUI/ IVF preparation
Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Menstrual Irregularities and Pain
Stress & Anxiety

Immune Support
Bacterial and Viral Infections
Prevention of pneumonia
Restoration of lungs
Seasonal allergies
Sinus Infections
Digestive disorders
Autoimmune disorders
Thyroid dysfunction

If you will be just coming by to pick up supplements, please call or email ahead to pre-order your herbs and supplements so we can verify we have it in inventory and we can have it ready for you.

  • The door will stay open for you
  • Masks are optional but respected in our clinic. Know your level of risk.  If you are immunocompromised or simply prefer us to wear a mask while you are here, please ask we will gladly accommodate.
  • The fan is on
  • Increased frequency of medical cleaning standards following CDC instructions for disinfection
  • Complete social distancing for patients and staff
  • Appropriate personal protection equipment use
  • Strategic scheduling
  • PCI Compliant online billing
  • Private rooms
  • No wait times
  • We have asked all patients and employees to stay home if they are sick and pre-screen those coming in
  • TeleTCM Appointment options

Current Services

New Patients

Complimentary 15 minute virtual consultations to get to know each other and see if working together is a good fit.

New Patient TeleTCM appointment: during this appointment we will go over your main reason for seeking care, your medical history and current health status and a individualized treatment plan will be crafted which can include: individualized herbal formulas, supplements, acupressure and other techniques that you can do at home, diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Once we are available for acupuncture services we can seamlessly transition your virtual appointments to in person visits. In Person New Patient appointment:  this appointment will include all of the above and including your first in person acupuncture session.  We follow a strict protocol of social distancing and sanitation following the the procedures outlined by government and licensing entities.

Established Patients

Complimentary 10 minute weekly check ins: we want to stay in touch and see how you are doing and make it easy to refill your personal herbs and supplements.

Established TeleTCM Appointment: during these 15 minute consultations we can address current concerns and make small changes to your existing treatment plan as well as simple acupressure techniques that you can do at home.

Established TeleTCM with advance techniques: during these 30 minute consultations we can  address current concerns, make changes to your treatment plan and guide you through self administered and practitioner guided acupuncture or advanced acupressure.

In person Acupuncture appointments: we have limited acupuncture visits available for established patients who need acupuncture now.  We follow a strict protocol of social distancing and sanitation following the the procedures outlined by government and licensing entities.

Feeding Your Demons:

Feeding Your Demons is a 5 step process which incorporates identifying and transforming the energy of negative emotions and states of mind (demons) into beneficial energy (allies) and resting in meditation. As a long time meditation practitioner and student of Lama Tsultrim Allione, Dr. Dana Price DOM, L.Ac., FABORM is offering virtual Feeding Your Demon sessions. Please allow 45 minute for initial sessions and 30 minutes for follow up sessions.

Before your initial session it is highly suggested that you view the process guided by Lama Tsultrim: For more information here.


Government Recommendations and Guidelines
Arizona Department of Health Maricopa County Health Department
CDC Cleaning and Disinfecting your Facility
EPA Approved List of Disinfectants Including Surface Type and Contact Time NPIC Information on Using Disinfectants to Control the COVID Virus

Online Meditation

Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition

Staying Active

Supporting Our Future