Our Approach to Integrative Women’s Health

We are experienced and dedicated physicians and practitioners partnering with you creating custom integrative treatment plans that produce meaningful results.

Established in 2001, we are an acupuncture and East Asian based medical clinic renowned for trailblazing the path of alternative and complementary medicine both locally and nationally. Dr. Dana Price’s acupuncture license is the second license granted in Arizona.

Our experienced board certified physicians and practitioners are dedicated to partnering with you to craft clear and achievable health goals. We offer an elegant and compassionate atmosphere where treatments are conducted in private, calm rooms. While much of our recognition and leadership is attributed to our success in helping women have healthy babies, we also treat men and teenagers with their health concerns.

The Women’s Health Fertility Clinic in Scottsdale

Since 1999, Phoenix native Dr. Dana Price has successfully managed a busy practice while gaining a reputation as an expert and pioneer in East Asian Reproductive Medicine and women’s health. In 2008 she opened ilumina Healing Sanctuary, a project that built on the vision of a holistic wellness clinic that she first launched with the Southwest Center for East Asian Medicine. In founding ilumina, Dr. Price has expanded her clinic to encompass holistic care for both men and women throughout their lives, offering emotional wellness therapies and bodywork alongside acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The elegant facility features eco-friendly materials, non-toxic supplies, and responsible recycling practices. ilumina’s elemental-themed treatment rooms — based upon the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine — are designed to be comfortable and relaxing. The wellness boutique offers unique natural and organic products for health. The Chinese herb pharmacy is a comprehensive source for onsite Chinese herbs and nutraceutical supplements.

ilumina’s Core Values

Our mission is to provide transformational experiences and outstanding care.

Founded in 2001, our vision is to create an unparalleled experience where we unite compassion, preeminent medicine, and introspective stillness to promote optimal health and wellbeing.

Core Values:

  • We are committed to treating everybody with Kindness and Respect.
  • We are committed to Teamwork creating a “we” environment.
  • We are committed to Embodying Excellence providing high quality care.
  • We are committed to creating a Patient Centered healing sanctuary.
  • We are committed to Clear Communication recognizing how our words and actions affect others.
  • We are committed to Nurturing the Longevity and prosperity of ilumina.

Physician Affiliations

One of the things that sets ilumina Healing Sanctuary apart from other complementary medicine clinics is our unique professional affiliation with the Western medical community in the Valley. It’s important to us to have close working relationships with the best Scottsdale OB/GYNs, reproductive endocrinologists, perinatologists, oncologists, midwives, and general practitioners. When you come to ilumina for care, you are not necessarily choosing Eastern or Naturopathic medicine over Western. We often work in close conjunction with your doctor(s) and can recommend Western specialists when the need arises. In return, we’re a trusted resource for physicians looking to enhance their patient care options.

Outside of their time spent at ilumina, our specialists provide care at:

Bloom Reproductive Institute
Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists
Fertility Treatment Center
Advanced Fertility Care
Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health
West Valley Fertility Clinic
IVF Phoenix

Global Charity Efforts

ilumina donates at least 1% of our profits to local, national, and international charities that support women’s and children’s health. The handpicked charities we have contributed to so far include Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, Project Cure, Unicef, Crisis Nursery, and UMOM.If you have a charity you would like us to consider, please email us.


“Simply put, ilumina has been life-changing for me.”
-M.H. Phoenix, AZ
“There is a gentle, serene calmness to the office that offers patients the opportunity to relax and find peace.”
- K.M. Flagstaff, AZ

“I truly believe that I would not have had my beautiful baby without the treatments I received.”
- A.P., Phoenix, AZ
“Thank you Dana Price and the ilumina team. We encourage our fertility patients to integrate acupuncture and Chinese medicine into their treatment plans and we have seen the results. Your patient centered care is compassionate, professional, and effective with the unique bonus of providing acupuncture onsite for our IVF embryo transfers.”
- Millie Behara MD, FACOG