Therapeutic Massage

Human touch has been proven time and again to have deep healing properties. At ilumina, we don’t think of massage as a luxury; we consider it a vital aspect of complementary medicine.

Personalized Therapeutic Massage

Our massage therapist is a highly trained specialist with a passion for women's health and a variety of experiences in profound healing modalities such as Arvigo® Belly Care, Fertility Support, Prenatal Massage, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue and Stone Massage. Her goal is to treat the body as a whole and customize each massage to the needs of each body at that moment.

Massage therapy treatment plans tailored specifically to your needs, whether that be relaxation, pain relief,  or as a specific adjunct to your East Asian Medicine Treatment. This massage will include varying degrees of pressure an areas of focus.Options: 60 min, or 90 min

Specialty Bodywork

Fertility Support Massage & Tul'ix Therapy (Formerly Arvigo® Belly Care)

This type of massage can be customized depending on where a woman is in her cycle and with her corresponding treatment plan. The benefits include increased uterine blood flow, supporting uterine lining and alignment, reducing pelvic stagnation, support for the ovaries and improving the follicular environment, reducing the side effects of stress and lowering hormone disruption, and the sense of well being that comes from knowing that you are being cared for and respected in a compassionate way. The ideal timing of this massage is after menses and before ovulation and does include detailed abdominal techniques, work along the sacrum, as well as acupressure and reflexology points that correspond with reproductive health. Plan 60 to 75 minutes for this massage.
Options: 90 Min New Patient includes massage, consult, and self-care instruction.

Specific Treatment Tailoring:

Just starting on your fertility journey on your own or just finishing a retrieval and taking some time to bring your body into balance.
Closer to ovulation, preparing for an IUI or transfer, focusing on blood building and positioning.

Prenatal Massage:

Our clinic is equipped in training and tools to safely and effectively perform prenatal bodywork through all stages of pregnancy, when you receive clearance from your physician. Prenatal massage can improve blood flow, reduce swelling and back pain associated with pregnancy, as well as help a mother cope with the physical and emotional changes that come with pregnancy. 60 Minutes

Second Spring Peri/Menopausal Support: In traditional Chinese Medicine this stage of life is referred to as the "Second Spring" because it represents a time of renewal and shifting of energies from fertility to conservation, nourishment of self, and enjoying the wisdom that comes with life lived. Studies show that massage can be beneficial to weather the symptoms that come with this transition. This treatment incorporates cranial sacral holds, reflexology, aromatherapy, and traditional massage to calm the central nervous system. Light abdominal work keeps you connected to your body, and extra head, neck and shoulder work helps lift the weight of the world off your shoulders. 75 Minutes

Further customize your time with these enhancements:
-Deep Tissue Targets-
Tools: Stones/Cupping

Your peaceful path to women’s health starts today.

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