Fertility Massage at ilumina

March 10, 2021
Tracy Eldevick

Tracy Eldevick, LMT is offering fertility massage here at ilumina and is here to answer some of your questions. To schedule a fertility massage with Tracy, please call us at ilumina Healing Sanctuary 602.957.2602.

Please tell us about the type of fertility massage you are doing?  

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2001 and have always been passionate about taking care of women through all stages of life. The fertility support massage that I offer is a full body massage that includes relevant modalities all with the intention of supporting the client on their fertility journey, meeting them where they are at. We focus on full body connection and relaxation as well as low back and gentle abdominal work.

What are the benefits for fertility and especially for women doing IVF?  

This type of massage can be customized depending on where a woman is in her cycle and with her corresponding treatment plan.  The benefits include increased uterine blood flow, supporting uterine lining and alignment, reducing pelvic stagnation, support for the ovaries and improving the follicular environment, reducing the effects of stress and lowering hormone disruption, and the sense of well being that comes from knowing that you are being cared for and respected in a compassionate way.

Are there certain conditions which especially respond to this type of massage?

It can be helpful for PCOS, Endometriosis, Amenorrhea, Abdominal Stagnation, and with Natural and Assisted Reproductive Cycles. 

How often should a woman schedule fertility massage? 

This can vary person to person and depends on their particular health history and if they are doing this in conjunction with other therapies.

Is there self-care that is taught as part of the treatment? 

Yes, part of a first visit self-care techniques are discussed so that the therapy can be continued at home in-between visits.

How does it integrate with acupuncture treatment?  

It is a perfect pairing for women also receiving acupuncture for reproductive help.  

What should someone expect during and after the session? 

The expectation is very similar to a therapeutic massage, but with a specific focus.  Relaxation is still a vital part of the experience, but it differs in that there is particular focus on abdominal and low back work, as well as reflexology and acupressure points that are appropriate.  There can be slight tenderness but not pain and extra care is taken to provide the person on the table with confidence and the space for healing.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about this modality? 

 It has been so exciting to be able to develop this massage offering at ilumina and I look forward to being able to support our patients in any way that I can.