FLY Health + Wellness

September 16, 2022

Please tell us about your business?

FLY Health + Wellness is a wellness and lifestyle coaching business that offers customized one on one programs for individuals, and also small group coaching for families and small businesses.  We also host wellness workshops at local establishments in the community on a variety of topics. We use a strengths based coaching style that focuses on aligning lifestyle choices in 7 core areas of health, with an individual's values and vision. We strongly promote being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to your health!

FLY's coaching cornerstones include:

  1. identify and connect with YOUR values and vision
  2. nurture empowerment and build confidence
  3. live with purpose and strive for balance
  4. achieve personal growth and find joy

How and why did you start your business?

We started FLY because... Jen and I have lived parallel lives in the fitness and health industry for over 25 years and we coached separately for over 20 years yet sharing the same passion and mission.  We not only realized we were stronger together, but we could impact more people by combining forces.  We saw the overwhelming need that people want to be healthier on the inside and out.  We have the same philosophies yet different strengths so we complement each other really well.  We were confident that we could take this shared passion out into the world to help people live better, one small change at a time.

What have you learned along the way?

We have learned... As you know, starting your own business you learn a lot!  But what stands out the most is each client is truly unique...their goals, their progress and the pace at which they work.  We have learned the importance of meeting every client exactly where they are at in their journey. Define progress?!  It can look so different and could be the smallest behavior change that makes the biggest impact.  We work with such a variety of people, and because each person's wellness journey is different, every outcome is different.

How can FLY benefit ilumina patients?

FLY can benefit ilumina patients! We know ilumina patients are coming to you with a need to feel better or solve a problem. For example, ilumina Healing are experts in acupuncture and offer very specific services and care.  At FLY, we are experts at the coaching process in the core areas of health.  If someone wanted a lifestyle change in Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Resiliency, Environment, Relationships, or Spirituality, or simply had bigger health goals to work on, we can fill those gaps. Collaboration of care is a viable option in order to help the patient/client thrive while they are under your care at ilumina.  

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We connect with others in a way we know is unique and we show up every day, to every client coaching session, with compassion and kindness.  We act as a catalyst for the desired transformation or behavior change, because ultimately the client is the expert at their life!  We just help people spread their wings and FLY!