Dr. Bryant

February 13, 2020

Please tell us about your business?

My business, Thrive Pelvic Health & Wellness, was created to provide people with a holistic and well rounded approach to healthcare. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I have made an effort to reach out to and develop relationships with our metro Phoenix community of healthcare providers and creating a team approach to care. I specialize on fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. I am also passionate about making my services accessible to everyone so I accept Medicare.

How and why did you start it?

For many years I worked with the geriatric population, which I loved, in a healthcare facility. What I noticed was a lot of the issues I was seeing were being affected by sleep quality. Looking into why people were not sleeping I found nighttime urinary incontinence was a huge issue. That began my journey into pelvic health physical therapy which evolved into fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care.

What have you learned along the way?

I have learned to enjoy the journey and to give myself grace. It is very important for me to keep my “why” as the foundation of my business. My “whys” are my spouse, my two young boys and serving the underserved population. That is what gives me joy.


How can your business benefit our patients?

For fertility I teach women how to effectively track their menstrual cycles, work on stress and sleep management, and also perform manual therapy which helps with optimal organ placement and pelvic floor mobility. For pregnant women I work to help manage pubic symphysis pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, and low back pain to name a few common complaints. During the postpartum period I help to reestablish body connection and help women learn to move in their transformed bodies. I also provide a labor and delivery preparation using biofeedback for optimal birth positioning.

Anything else you would like to add?

The physical therapy at Thrive is an excellent compliment to your ongoing care and I work effectively using a team approach.