Kinfolk Optimal Living

April 29, 2020

We are excited to introduce you to Dr. Keiko and Dr. Sera from Kinfolk Optimal Living located in Scottsdale. We first met Dr. Keiko when she moved to the Valley of the Sun almost 5 years ago. She had heard of ilumina and stopped by the clinic to introduce herself and her chiropractic practice. The consensus of everyone involved was “we found our tribe.”

Please tell us about your business?

We are Kinfolk Optimal Living, located in South Scottsdale, and provide a heart centered, gentle chiropractic experience.  We focus on restoring the tone of the nerve system with a unique adjusting approach.  Our clients receive 20 minute adjustments in an atmosphere with low lighting, mantra music and grounding incense.  Our primary intention is to help women off-load tension and stress and create a community where we can collectively heal.  

How and why did you start your business?

We both met at school in Dallas, TX which is where the concept of Kinfolk first originated.  Kinfolk means family and we wanted to build a community where people could heal, grow and thrive at life together.  We are both chiropractors today because of the transformative shifts that we experienced by getting adjusted.  We opened Kinfolk to help others regain trust in their body’s ability to heal.

What have you learned along the way?

We have learned a lot about our own personal development through starting Kinfolk.  We aren’t just founders, we are creators and when you create something, you in a way must birth a version of you.  This studio is a reflection of who we are and where our energy is.  We’ve learned it is essential to take care of ourselves and live what we share so we can continue the work.

We are constantly learning what’s possible in healing the mind body spirit.  Working with human potential humbles you every day as you witness a client’s progress and realizations.   Kinfolk has created an opportunity for us to continue to grow and connect with this amazing community.

How can Kinfolk Optimal Living benefit ilumina patients?

What we do at our studio goes hand in hand with ilumina.  We love serving women to help resolve conditions such as anxiety, headaches, poor sleep, physical pain, and infertility. We also enjoy working with babies, children, and teens.  They have sensitive and fragile systems as they pick up so much at a young age that programs their stress responses.  Like acupuncture, everyone can benefit from feeling more balanced and connected to the vital wisdom of the body.  

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We would like to recall our first visit to ilumina, after walking in on a hunch and knowing instantly we stumbled upon a gem.  Tracy was so welcoming and the energy of the space reflected the amazing healing work that takes place here.  There is a special connection between ilumina and Kinfolk and we are honored to share clients.  It’s truly a privilege to serve these amazing women and be part of something greater.