Relief for Endometriosis Symptoms with Comprehensive Treatments

March 7, 2024

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month and we wanted to take this opportunity to talk about how we treat endometriosis at ilumina as we have been able to help many people with this painful gynecological disorder.

Endometriosis is common disorder that affects 5-10% of menstruating people and can cause period pain, low back pain, pain during sex, and infertility. Pain can range from relatively minor to severe which can negatively disrupt daily life and personal relationships. Diagnosis can be tricky and is sometimes given based upon symptoms along with a skilled ultrasound reading but the gold standard is laparoscopic surgery.

Allopathic medicine treats endometriosis by surgically removing the endometrial “plugs”, with hormonal therapy, and/or painkillers. In severe cases a hysterectomy might be offered. We have found that these options are not always in the best interest of our patients or what our patients are seeking. Especially if they are trying to get pregnant. We have also found that the treatments offered at ilumina can be used in conjunction to the allopathic approach.

At ilumina, we treat endometriosis comprehensively with acupuncture, Chinese herbal prescriptions, acupuncture point injection therapy (APIT), vitamins and supplements, abdominal massage, and lifestyle and nutritional advice. Treatment revolves around correcting the root imbalance and, although this in itself will not get rid of endometriosis completely, it can significantly reduce pain and other symptoms, decrease inflammation, and increase fertility.

Our main treatment modality for endometriosis is acupuncture and often electro-acupuncture. During your acupuncture visit a thorough history will be taken as well as a Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment plan, crafted based upon your unique situation. Often Chinese herbs and the other adjunctive therapies mentioned above will be suggested.

Chinese herbs are very effective in treating endometriosis and are almost always used in complex formulations based upon the individual. At ilumina we are unique in that we house a full Chinese herbal pharmacy to customize a prescription for you. Our patients love this exclusive option.

For over 20 years our practitioners at ilumina have helped many, many women with endometriosis and have achieved excellent results with the range of comprehensive and individualized offerings provided here at our clinic. We are here to help you live the life you want to be living.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can acupuncture treat endometriosis pain and menstrual irregularities? Yes, very successfully.
Is there any research on acupuncture and endometriosis? Yes, in 2023 a systematic review and meta-analysis was published. It concluded that “acupuncture treatment for endometriosis demonstrated clinically relevant improvements in pelvic pain and should be considered as a potential intervention.

”Giese N, Kwon KK, Armour M. Acupuncture for endometriosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Integr Med Res. 2023 Dec;12(4):101003. doi: 10.1016/j.imr.2023.101003. Epub 2023 Oct 28. PMID: 38033648; PMCID: PMC10682677.

How often should I get acupuncture for my endometriosis? Depending on severity of symptoms we recommend acupuncture once to twice a week.

How quickly will I notice results? Most people see results in 4 weeks time especially if they are taking Chinese herbs, supplements, performing abdominal massage and making the necessary lifestyle and nutritional changes along with the acupuncture.

Does acupuncture hurt? Acupuncture at ilumina is not painful. Our highly skilled acupuncturists are gentle and we have created a very calming and nurturing environment. We often hear from patients that their acupuncture sessions are the highlight of their week.

What is acupuncture point injection therapy (APIT) and how is it used to treat endometriosis? APIT is the injection of a small amount of substance, usually a Chinese herb, homeopathic combination, or vitamin into an acupuncture point at the end of your acupuncture treatment. By combining this with regular acupuncture, symptom relief can come quicker.

What is abdominal massage and how can it help my endometriosis? Abdominal Massage can be a very gentle and effective way to help treat endometriosis and help provide relief from its symptoms. This type of massage can help loosen adhesions or scar tissue in the abdominal cavity. Gentle massage strokes are used to help align the uterus to a center position and increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries. If the uterus is out of place, it can cause additional pain or cramping around menses. Additional blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to support healthy tissues. Along with the in office massages, clients are given special self care instructions that can be done at home, castor oil packs, vaginal steams as well as nutrition and lifestyle modifications that can help to decrease symptoms of endometriosis. The massage in combination with acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be a powerful combination.

What are some lifestyle changes I can make to help my endometriosis? Eat an organic, whole foods, high fiber, plant based diet
Use ginger, turmeric, and flaxseeds
Avoid alcohol, red meat, caffeine, sugar, chocolate and processed food Exercise daily Get 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night.