Improving Fertility Through Emotional Healing

January 27, 2021
ilumina Healing Sanctuary

At ilumina, we see women of all ages and all walks of life struggling with fertility. Every woman’s challenge is unique, but over many years of practice, we have come to see the pivotal role emotions often play in fertility issues.

Improving Fertility & Your Ability to Conceive

While medical, acupuncture and herbal treatments may improve fertility, it is vital to explore the emotional aspect. Unresolved emotions in the body, whether from stressful past events, or relating to pregnancy and parenthood, can depress fertility. Having a baby is the ultimate creative act, and as with anything we create, it requires our attention in the present time. Blocked and stagnant emotions create imbalances in the body and limit energy available for a healthy conception. Time and time again, the releasing of conscious or unconscious grief, sadness and fear increase our patient’s ability to conceive.

An ilumina Fertility Story

One woman came to ilumina Healing Sanctuary after four failed IVF cycles. She was suffering from extreme anxiety, always wanting to have a child of her own. While working with her, we felt the trauma of her experiences. Her body held each disappointment and the fear of another failure. She also felt as though she was being punished. The anxiety and fear took her out of present time, into past trauma and a future filled with the fear of not getting what she desperately wanted.

In allowing her to explore and release the blocked energy inside her, she became free and light. She entered her next IVF cycle a different woman: relaxed, positive and balanced. She is now well into her pregnancy. Others are enjoying their first and second children.

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing is not an exact science. It takes us into our inner world and requires deep soul searching. The impact of this work is often life changing.

For women going through fertility challenges, ilumina  uses a combination of energetic therapies, bodywork and compassionate communication to uncover issues deep within their beings. We  help them discover their truths about becoming a mother and support them in allowing their deep desire and joy to emerge, while letting go of the fear and anxiety over the outcome. This creates a peace inside and a body-mind environment most conducive for conception, with this emotional balance extending into every area of their lives.

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