Emotional Wellness

We understand the stress of everyday life: demanding jobs, family obligations, or trying trying to conceive; life can sometimes leave us a bit ragged. This “tired/wired” state can further lead to sleepless nights, daytime fatigue, inflammation, hormone imbalance, and digestive issues which can further spiral into depression and anxiety. At ilumina we partner with you to break the stress cycle. Our clinic was built on the philosophy of creating a “womb-like” experience. Our private rooms are consciously illuminated with warm healing colors and the gentle sound of the ocean is all that you will hear during your treatment. Your practitioner will work closely with you so they can choose the perfect fit of acupuncture points to rebalance your nervous system.

Chinese herbal medicine is also effective for stress relief, depression, anxiety, and irritability- sometimes these symptoms are due to hormonal imbalances, sometimes you are just too worn down, and sometimes your nervous system is in overdrive. We can work with those and all of other causes of emotional strife. ilumina is unique in that we have a Chinese herbal pharmacy which includes over 300 single herbs so your highly skilled East Asian medical practitioner can craft a herbal formula just for you. We also house premade herbal formulations, vitamins and supplements. So no having to wait to get your products in the mail you can get started the day of your appointment.

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